1. Serological Pipettes
    Serological Pipettes
    As low as ZAR123.50 ZAR107.39
  2. 10ml
    Serological Pipettes
    As low as ZAR963.63 ZAR837.94
  3. Volumetric Pipettes
    Volumetric Pipettes
    As low as ZAR192.23 ZAR167.16
  4. Measuring Cylinders - Round Base
    Measuring Cylinders - Round Base
    As low as ZAR72.00 ZAR62.61
  5. 10ml
    3M™ Swab Sampler with Letheen Broth
    As low as ZAR2,465.75 ZAR2,144.13
    Out of stock
  6. 3M™ Sponge-Stick + 1500ml Bag
    3M™ Sponge-Stick + 1500ml Bag
    As low as ZAR4,427.14 ZAR3,849.69