Lasec® Servicing 

Boasting a large team of qualified engineers, located throughout South Africa and travelling weekly into the rest of Africa, Lasec® ensures a full-service package, including preventative maintenance, repairs and service level agreements. Worry-free use of laboratory and scientific equipment in your facility is a possibility using the Lasec® expertise.

Our Service offering includes:

  ISO17025 SANAS accredited calibrations for:
    - Mass: For Micro balances and scales up to 30kg
    - Volume: For all your Micro pipette calibrations
    - Temperature: Freezers, Fridges, Autoclaves, Waterbaths, Incubators,  Furnaces and Ovens
  Tailor-made service contracts
  Preventative maintenance plans
  First level biosafety training course for service engineers 

Lasec® Product Support

You can rely on Lasec® for expert advice, support and technical know-how through our large team of application specialists and product managers.

Advice on product configuration to suit application and testing requirements to ensure compliance to international standards:

  Assistance with Good Lab Practice (GLP) and standard operating procedures
 • Biosafety consulting service facilitated by NSF accredited engineers
 • End-user training on correct usage and maintenance of equipment
 • Facilitation of informative and practical CPD accredited training courses
 • Assistance with IQ, OQ and PQ protocol completion