Vacuum Applications made easy

Vacuum Applications made easy

Introducing the next generation vacuum controller.

Vacuubrand has launched their new VACUU·SELECT controller which features a state-of-the-art touch screen display. The VACUU·SELECT controller is supplied with predefined applications for most common tasks in the lab and takes care of vacuum processes for you. These applications include Filtration, Rotary Evaporation, Freeze Drying, Vacuum Concentration, Vacuum Drying, Gel Drying and Schlenk Line (Vacuum Gas Manifold). VACUU·SELECT works with a wide range of vacuum sources. It can be integrated into a VARIO pump, used with an existing lab pump, or it can be connected to a lab vacuum system.

Key Features:

Intuitive user interface
The VACUU·SELECT controller works like a smartphone. Interactive menus designed specifically for lab applications.

Ready to use vacuum procedures for all common applications:
The process steps and control parameters can easily be adjusted to suit any application.

Fully automatic evaporations at the touch of a button:
Automatic evaporation mode is perfect for controlling applications like rotary evaporation or vacuum distillation.

Easy customization through drag and drop editing:
Use the new drag and drop editor to adapt the predefined processes for your work.

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- Carla Jacobs, Product Manager - Instruments