Introducing Elpress Hygiene Control from Lasec®. The Ultimate Staff Hygiene Solution.

Introducing Elpress Hygiene Control from Lasec®. The Ultimate Staff Hygiene Solution.


Elpress Hygiene is at the forefront of staff hygiene control. This is especially relevant during these times of the COVID-19 pandemic. Elpress Hygiene Logo

Their turnstile solution sanitises both sides of the hands, checks body temperature, confirms that an individual is wearing a face mask, and can include facial recognition. If the individual fails any of these screenings, the turnstile does not allow them to proceed.



• Ergonomic and hygienic design
• To be mounted on the floor
• Capacity: 25-30 persons per minute

The HDT is an automatic dispenser / dosing unit and reduces risks when entering production areas. When the hands are inserted into the cylinders, sensors activate the atomisation of the disinfectant or soap on both sides of the hands. After this, the turnstile is released, and one can proceed. The HDT is designed to be placed on a flat surface. The turnstile is set to free rotation on the return direction as a standard.

1. FIRST LEVEL OF CONTROL is forehead temperature control. If the temperature is below a certain temperature, fixed by the administrator, the employee can access the hygienic entrance. If the user has an abnormal temperature an alarm sounds off and the terminal does not give access to the user.
2. SECOND LEVEL OF CONTROL is face mask detection.
YES Face mask is detected and the machine will be activated.
NO Face mask is not detected, and the user cannot pass.
3. THIRD LEVEL OF CONTROL is via facial recognition. You can store up to 10k users per unit to make sure the person accessing the plant is authorised to do so.
4. FOURTH LEVEL OF CONTROL is via a standard integrated IR card reader. Data can be transmitted to the user IT network.


  • Chemical level indicator
  • Chemical dosing on both sides of hands
  • Hygienic construction and surface finishing
  • Adjustable turnstile release time
Demo of HDT


  • The HDT is optionally available with rail support (fence)
  • For manufacturing plants, a boot & sole washer can be added to this configuration


  • Width / mm: 1455
  • Depth / mm: 791
  • Height / mm: 1207
  • Electrical connection: 230V / 50Hz
  • Power / kW: 0,1
  • Weight / kg: 65
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