Lasec® Solutions For Sample Preparation

Lasec® Solutions For Sample Preparation

Everyday laboratory tasks made easy with Lasec®


Solutions for common sample preparation techniques:

Stirring and Mixing: Magnetic and overhead stirrers from our newest partner, Heidolph, offer quality performance and reliability. Pair the hotplate magnetic stirrers with heat-on attachments to create a heating mantle and add our Glassco glassware for a cost effective solution to your stirring tasks

Centrifugation: Non-refrigerated and refrigerated centrifuge options as well as centrifuge tubes to meet a wide range of applications and requirements.

Filtration: Vacuum filtration is frequently used in the laboratory for sample preparation in microbiology, waste water control and many other applications.  Lasec® has a complete filtration solution including vacuum pumps and all the required accessories for single filtration as well as three and six place manifolds.

Liquid Handling: The correct use of Gilson pipettes and high quality filter tips from Lasec® ensures accuracy and precision for your liquid handling tasks.

Media Preparation: Affordable, reliable ISO compliant media and all the tools and consumables you need to prepare it.


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- Kylie Davis, Portfolio Manager - Instruments