Is your laboratory workbench protected?

Is your laboratory workbench protected?

Working in a lab or workshop can be messy. Spills and contamination happen more often than you think. Ever tried to grab a flask of liquid and accidentally knocked it over instead? Perhaps you were making up your latest media solution and dropped the powder mix onto your workbench! Avoid the costly and unsafe practice of working without lab bench protectors.

LabSorb™ from Lasec will protect your lab surface as well as prevent any unwanted contamination.

Using the LabSorb™ bench protection rolls or sheets to cover your table surface will protect not just your laboratory bench countertop, but also your equipment and consumables. The LabSorb™ lab bench protector is double-layered, made up of an absorbent filter paper surface layer and a thin polyethylene underlayer. LabSorb™ bench protection is manufactured by Ahlstrom-Munksjö, one of the world’s leading filter paper producers.


Labsorb bench surface protector


How can LabSorb™ laboratory bench protection benefit you?

  • The cellulose layer safely and effectively absorbs spilled liquids.
  • The polyethylene layer prevents the liquid from seeping onto the surface of the laboratory bench.
  • LabSorb™ can be used with chemicals, toxic and corrosive materials and even infectious and radioactive substances.
  • Liquid samples can be recovered by washing the soiled bench protector with the relevant buffer solution.
  • Dry spilt materials can be collected in the centre of the LabSorb™ sheet by lifting the corners inwards.
  • The cushion effect of the cellulose material reduces the risk of glassware breaking.
  • Biological contamination can be prevented by treating the bench protection paper with disinfectants.
  • LabSorb™ is suitable for use as liners in chemical storage areas, trays and laboratory animal cages.
  • Safe disposal is possible as these protectors can be incinerated after use.
  • Available in a range of sizes to suit your needs:
LabSorbTM size Package
400mm x 50m 1 roll
460mm x 50m 1 roll
600mm x 50m 1 roll
1200mm x 50m 1 roll
480mm x 600mm 100 sheets
460mm x 570mm 50 sheets


LabSorb™ Surface Protection Paper is extremely effective at absorbing spilled liquids, recovering dry samples and containing broken glassware. The sheets are ideal for lining trays and shelves in your lab.

Protection is better than a costly clean-up!

Contact Lasec® today to order your bench protection. 


- Samantha Van Der Merwe, Product Manager - Consumables