An incubator that stays cool, even in the summer heat!

An incubator that stays cool, even in the summer heat!

When required to incubate at a temperature of 37 °C in a room where the temperature is similarly high, most incubators come up short. This is not the case with the Memmert Peltier-cooled range, which cools down in a reliable and energy-efficient manner due to their innovative Peltier elements.


What do you do if your process requires precise and stable temperature control in an unstable environment?

A case-study: Dental caries bacteria in the Memmert IPS Peltier cooled incubator.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 60 – 90 % of school children and most adults in industrial countries suffer from dental caries. The paediatric dentistry department at the University Clinic of Giessen and Marburg has declared war on this worldwide plague and is doing intensive research to extend tooth life. An important resource for this research is a fully automated artificial oral cavity, which can simulate how caries develops in a simple and, above-all, accelerated manner.

The temperature for incubating the caries bacteria is a constant 37 °C, but since temperatures of over 35 °C can occur in summer in what is usually a relatively moderate climate zone around Giessen and Marburg, the researchers needed an incubator that would maintain the incubation requirements reliably.

The Memmert IPS incubator was therefore chosen to store the caries model during these simulations.

Thanks to the integrated Peltier elements for cooling the interior of the IPS incubator, the caries bacteria do not “break into a sweat”, although the temperature in the room may be higher than the temperature inside the unit. Even after opening the door, the temperature in the chamber recovers extremely quickly. Reliable and precise incubation is guaranteed, making the Peltier model a perfect fit for their requirements.


Proven benefits of using a Peltier cooled incubator for long term research and reliable incubation:

  • Almost no vibration and noise - Particularly for applications such as growing protein crystals and breeding zebra fish or mice, the fact that no loud compressor is required is an invaluable advantage. Everyone enjoys peace and quiet in the laboratory.
  • Precise control - Precision is a breeze in Memmert cooled incubators with the Peltier elements, which switch up to 18 000 times a second, enabling extremely sensitive temperature control.
  • Reduced energy consumption by up to 90% - A Memmert Peltier appliance hardly emits any heat to the environment. This results in a unit that does not need energy-intensive cooling to compensate for high ambient temperatures in order to prevent failure.
  • No time-consuming maintenance or refrigerant replacement - Refrigerants associated with compressor models can sometimes be problematic to replace. Even though modern refrigerants may be environmentally friendly, their disposal is always an environmental burden.

The IPP and IPS Peltier cooled incubators from Memmert have been proven to stay cool and remain stable when put to the test at high ambient temperatures.


- Barbara-Lee Nel, Instruments Product Manager


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