Greiner Bio-One CELLSTAR®

Greiner Bio-One CELLSTAR®

Tissue culture applications using Greiner Bio-One CELLSTAR® products

Looking to cultivate, separate or store your cells? Greiner Bio-One’s product line CELLSTAR® offers a wide variety of cell culture plates, flasks and dishes to suit not only everyday applications, but also special products ideally suited for automation and upscaling of mass cell culture i.e: CELLMASTER Cell Culture Roller Bottles and CELLdisc multilayer device. Greiner

With functional design, superior material properties and special coatings such as the innovative Advanced TCTM polymer modification or the CELLCOAT® protein coated cell culture product line, Greiner’s tissue culture range is suitable not only for standard cell culture, but also in vaccine production, genetic engineering, viral diagnostics and cancer research.

SpheroidAdditional 3D tissue culture technologies offered by Greiner  Bio-One are the cell culture vessels with Cell-Repellent  surfaces and the magnetic 3D Cell Culture, which enables  the 3D cell culture in a fast and easy 2D workflow. The special Cell-Repellent cell culture surface effectively prevents the cell adherence and therefore promotes the formation of 3D spheroids. Applications include spheroid culture of tumour cells; stem cell aggregation; 3D culture in hydrogels and suspension culture of semi-adherent and adherent cell lines.

The Magnetic 3D Cell Culture technology is based on magnetisation of the cells with NanoShuttle™-PL, which are magnetic nano-particles of gold, iron oxide and poly-lysine. The cells aggregate by magnetic forces to form structurally and biologically representative 3D cell-models in a flat bottom microplate ready for optical imaging. Main applications explored so far are compound or toxicology screenings, organoid formation and wound healing assays. CLICK HERE to learn more.



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- Rosalind Witte, Product Ma