Everything you Need for RNA, DNA or Protein Purification

Everything you Need for RNA, DNA or Protein Purification


A variety of kits are available to meet any purification need


Rapid preparation of high-quality DNA, RNA or protein can be achieved from almost any starting material and be used for any downstream application. Purification is based on spin column chromatography as the separation matrix. This column binds your biological material of choice under optimized salt concentrations and releases your desired product under low salt and slightly alkali conditions. The purified product is completely compatible with downstream applications such as real-time PCR and next-generation sequencing.


Norgen Biotek Corp.
Genomic DNA Isolation Kit

  • Reliable, high-quality RNA / DNA or protein-free from inhibitors
  • High sensitivity to low concentration or degraded samples
  • Convenient spin column and 96-well plate formats

 Total RNA Purification 96-Well Kit (Deep Well Format)

  • Preparation in less than 30 minutes
  • Easy-to-follow procedure

Norgen Biotek Corp.

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