Self Sampling Swab from Copan

Self Sampling Swab from Copan

Simple, private and reliable…

The patented Self Collection FLOQSwab makes it possible for women to perform their own vaginal sample collection in the comfort of their homes. Copan has recognized the need for this diagnostic tool as it offers an easy method of sampling outside of doctors' offices, clinics and hospitals. Simply follow the “how-to-use guide” included with each kit, attach the barcode to a patient information kit, and send the sample off for analysis. The sample is transported dry and nucleic acids remain stable for up to four weeks at room temperature.

CLICK HERE to view the video clip that provides some more insight into the design and practical benefits of using the Self-Collection Swab

• Simple method
• Nylon flocked swab allows for improved cell collection and easy elusion into liquid for analysis.
• Rounded design for painless collection

• Convenient and time saving
• Decreased anxiety and complete privacy
• Increased screening participation
• Cost effective solution

Scientific Studies:
• Compilation of HPV Self-Sampling Publications (CLICK HERE to view PDF)

- Bilal Khan, Product Manager - Consumables