Biological Safety Cabinets That Meet Safety Standards

Biological Safety Cabinets That Meet Safety Standards

Meet safety standards with Lasec's biological safety cabinets

Biological Safety Cabinet




Lasec® provides a range of Biological Safety Cabinets that meet the performance requirements of the NRCS, EN 12469 and NSF/ANSI 49 standards.

Biological Safety Cabinets offer protection for workers and the surrounding environment from infectious materials and biological agents, as well as prevention of contamination of experimental material.

When purchasing biological safety cabinets compliant to international standards, you can be confident that you are working with a cabinet that provides optimal safety and meets industry guidelines.

To ensure that a biological safety cabinet operates correctly and in accordance to these international safety standards, it is recommended to be validated and certified after installation. This validation should be undertaken, at a minimum, annually thereafter, to ensure continued safe operation.

Lasec® has internationally accredited, factory trained service engineers to meet your annual servicing and validation requirements.


- Carla Jacobs, Product Manager - Instruments