ADInstruments and Lasec® take Hands-On Learning to a Whole New Level

ADInstruments and Lasec® take Hands-On Learning to a Whole New Level



The latest innovation from ADI allows engagement with students in active learning, in the lab or remotely.

The new range of Lt sensors is now available exclusively for Lt users to record and acquire physiological data in real-time, anytime and anywhere.

The Lt sensors connect directly to Lt via a USB connection on a laptop or desktop computer. They are available as individual sensors or kits for the Human Physiology Collection, where students can measure ECG, EEG, EOG, EMG, skin temperature and respiratory rate during their practical sessions.

The use of Lt Sensors eliminates the need for a PowerLab device for data acquisition, therefore offering affordability, ease of use and greater flexibility and portability when used with the online learning platform Lt.


Find out which of our two data acquisition solutions best suits your teaching needs:


CLICK HERE for the Lt Sensors vs PowerLab Infographic


Watch: Video - Plug and play Lt Sensors


WATCH Plug and Play Lt Sensors



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