6 reasons you should be using Samplix® blood sample collection tubes

6 reasons you should be using Samplix® blood sample collection tubes

Why should you be using our Greiner branded blood collection tubes?

Headquartered in Austria, the Greiner Bio-One group has a global presence spanning all five continents with production sites in Austria, Germany and Hungary to name a few. Working in close collaboration with their strategic partners, their product offering is geared towards the pharmaceutical, diagnostics and biotechnology industries. Greiner’s Preanalytics business division manufactures products for the collection and processing of sample material, such as blood, urine and saliva for analytical purposes.

Lasec® proudly offers another great product by the medical technology experts at Greiner Bio-One - Samplix® Evacuated Blood Collection Tubes. This CE certified new range is manufactured in Thailand using technology from the heart of Europe. Samplix® offers the Greiner Bio-One brand reliability and seeks to enhance blood sample collection with this affordable and accessible tube.

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Here’s why you should choose blood sample collection tubes from Lasec®

  1. The Samplix® range of pre-dosed tubes ensures an optimal mixing ratio of additive to collected blood sample. This range consists of serum, serum gel, EDTA, heparin and heparin gel tubes, used for serology, haematology and clinical chemistry, including blood immunology and hormone and pathogen analysis.
  2. Predefined-vacuum volume control reduces the risk of overfilling or underfilling the tubes which, along with the pre-dosed additives described above, ensures accuracy and consistency of results.
  3. This is a closed vacuum system meaning no syringes are required. This reduces the risk of needlestick injuries and is more hygienic. Quick and easy blood collection improves patient comfort and satisfaction.
  4. Manufactured from robust PET plastic, these tubes are virtually shatterproof, providing a lower risk of contamination and infection during the work process, i.e. during centrifugation.
  5. The Samplix®range includes 11 variations of blood collection tubes to help you meet your day to day sample collection challenges.

    Tube type & cap colour Tube volume
    Serum - Red top blood tubes 4ml and 6ml
    Serum gel - yellow top blood tubes 4ml and 5ml
    K2 and K3 EDTA - purple top blood tubes 2ml and 3ml
    Heparin - green top blood tubes 4ml and 6ml
    Heparin gel - light-green top blood tubes 4ml
  6. Using technology from the heart of Europe and manufacturing in Thailand makes this product range competitive in price sensitive markets.

Combining quality and safety with an affordable price, the world-renowned brand in blood collection consumables, Greiner Bio-One is our first choice.

Have you found your current blood collection tubes to be safe and effective? Contact us to share your thoughts.




- Rosalind Witte, Product Manager - Consumables