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Lasec® Instruments

Our portfolio includes a wide range of instrumentation, backed by technical expertise, to ensure optimal performance and accuracy to international standards.

Lasec® experience, buying power and strong relationships with manufacturers bring first-world technology to the end-user cost-effectively.

Our instrumentation is backed by a team of product managers, application specialists and service engineers who provide practical expertise to ensure you have the right equipment for the right procedure and are using it correctly for optimal results. In addition, we offer CPD accredited training and workshops across a broad range of topics, including but not limited to hazardous material storage; correct use of pipettes and water saving solutions.

Our instrument range includes solutions for the following:


Safety: Biological safety cabinets, fume hoods and safety storage cabinets

Temperature: From extremely low temperature solutions such as liquid nitrogen cryo-preservation and ultralow freezers to high temperature equipment such as ovens, incubators and furnaces.

Liquid and Mass Metrology: Balances and scales, pipettes and automated liquid handling systems.  Backed by SANAS-accredited (ISO17025) calibration capabilities.

Sample Preparation: Everything needed for a standard laboratory including hotplate stirrers, sample concentrators and homogenisers.

Electrochemistry: From water purification systems to measurement of pH, conductivity and titrator solutions.

Molecular Biology: A specialised portfolio for techniques such as electrophoresis, gel imaging, DNA amplification, nucleic acid quantification, flow cytometry, as well as microfluidics covering the fundamental areas of genomics, proteomics and cell biology.

Manufacturing and Production: A comprehensive range of process weighing and weight control equipment including checkweighers, platform and ramp scales.  Further products in this category include equipment for production and packaging quality control to reduce human influence on results.

Application Specific Equipment: Equipment for specialised areas of research including environmental analysis and physiology research.