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GILSON Pipetman Neo P100N

Model: P100N

Volume (Metric): 10 - 100 µL

Accuracy: ±0.35, ±0.4, ±0.8μL

Number of Channels: 1

Includes: Color-coded push button, PVDF handle, Stainless Steel tip ejectors, universal tip holder

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The Pipetting Standard with Lower Spring and Ejection Forces. An evolution of the PIPETMAN Classic™ that addresses the growing susceptibility of pipette users to repetitive strain injuries. PIPETMAN Neo offers a distinct enhancement in comfort, with the same legendary robustness, accuracy, precision, and price as PIPETMAN Classic.

Color-Coded Push-Button

Allows for ease of identification of different models and corresponding Gilson PIPETMAN Tips; great for GLP labs.

Reduced Pipetting Forces

Newly engineered springs help battle susceptibility to RSI by reducing pipetting forces up to 50%.

Highly Resistant Materials

The handle is made of PVDF, a material that limits the transfer of heat from your hand to the pipette and is resistant to aggressive chemicals.

Redesigned tip ejector

  • Benefit from overall reduction of tip ejection forces by 15% thanks to redesigned ejection springs.
  • Unique clip ejector fits securely into the body of the pipette to avoid slipping over time.

Stainless Steel Tip Ejector

The stainless steel tip ejector resists corrosion and offers a smooth tip ejection stroke.

Universal Tip Holder

Unique tip holder design allows for a secure fit of most brands of tips, so there’s no need for a dedicated tip brand.

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