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Lasec® Furniture and Laboratory Design

Lasec® can design, manufacture and install laboratory furniture in facilities throughout Africa.

We offer a range of laboratory furniture solutions either from our partner, Waldner, a leading international manufacturer, or from our own local manufacturing facility. We have access to a wide range of assembly and surface materials to ensure full chemical - and/or microbiological-compatibility. Options to personalise your laboratory are also available.

Laboratory Design philosophy:

We prefer to work in collaboration with end-users, contractors and project management teams including architects to develop a fully functional laboratory environment that is dedicated to your application or field of study. An important aspect of our design philosophy is the recommended incorporation of equipment to ensure that your new laboratory provides a working environment meeting all necessary safety standards.

Some considerations for integrated laboratory design to meet safety requirements are detailed below:

Air Protection Cabinets: Incorporating the correct type of air protection solutions (ducted or ductless) into the design. These can include fume cupboards, laminar flow or biological safety cabinets that meet the most stringent local and international standards (NRCS approved, TUV EN123469 and NSF/ANSI49). Our service engineers are factory trained, NSF accredited, and have highly specialised equipment to validate cabinets to these standards.

Chemical Safety Storage Cabinets: The use of quality fire-retardant cabinets directly within the workspace (compliant to the EN14470-1 and SANS54470-1 standards) drastically reduces the transportation of hazardous materials and ensures that the facility meets all fire and other safety legislation.

Vacuum Local Area Networks: VACUU-LAN® vacuum networks make it possible to supply several different applications with just one centralised pump. Solutions are designed to allow for versatility and chemical resistance and include built-in check valves to protect against contamination or interference from adjacent applications.

Laboratory Balance Tables: Ensuring that design includes stable surfaces for specific laboratory balances. We can supply dedicated solutions for balances that measure down to 10-6 g.

Safety Equipment: The provision of safety equipment such as safety showers and eye-wash stations should form an integral part of any laboratory design.