Lasec® follows a Continual Improvement Process to ensure effective levels of performance of products, services and processes.

This is reflected in Lasec’s belief in the importance of users collecting samples of the highest integrity possible from both humans and animals. Addressing sample collection integrity in the diagnostics workflow assists all stakeholders involved in clinical analysis as well as the surveillance of diseases.

Lasec® has a new offering focusing on zoonotic diseases. These are predominantly notifiable diseases which can have a seriously detrimental effect on both human and animal life.

Lasec® is proud to introduce a new range of Veterinary Sample Collection Kits and Diagnostic Kits, which make use of specific antigens. Together, the new range provides a full solution for your sample collection requirements covering Brucellosis Testing and Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) Testing.


Lasec® offers Lateral Flow Rapid Diagnostic Tests (RDTs), a reliable qualitative screening method utilising the principle of antibody detection. The RDTs have a turnaround time (TAT) as short as 15 minutes and ensure accurate, effective screening and surveillance for Brucella (Human & Veterinary), Typhoid and Leptospirosis on your farm, in your laboratory or in your industrial workplace. 

Lasec® also offers reliable diagnostic Urinalysis products which are economical, highly specific and offer a rapid TAT. The high quality colour chart provides precise detection of the following parameters, combinations of which we can tailor according to your needs:

 • Ketones
 • Protein
 • pH
  Specific gravity
  Ascorbic acid