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Lasec® Consumables

An extensive stock-holding ensures the availability of essential consumables for everyday applications. We offer a wide selection of laboratory consumables, from affordable disposable pipettes, beakers, funnels and petri dishes to glassware suitable for calibrated volumetric measurements. Regardless of your budget and application we have the right products to suit your needs.

Our consumable range includes the following solutions:

Bioscience Plastics: RNase and DNase free PCR tubes, PCR plates, petri dishes, tissue culture flasks and plates, filter and non-filter tips.

Blood Collection: Greiner Vacuette® blood collection tubes and accessories.

Cryogenics: Cryo tubes, boxes, compact sample storage and full biobanking solutions available.

Filtration: Filter papers, membranes, syringe filters and a wide range of manual or automated filtrations systems.

Sample Collection: Lasec® offers a wide range of swabs for collection and transport of samples, including dry and environmental.

Microbiology: Growth, differential, selective and test media available.

Volumetric Glassware: Volumetric flasks, measuring cylinders, pipettes, burettes meeting both ISO and ASTM standards.

General Glassware: Flasks, burettes, adapters and extensions, mortars and weighing boats.

General Plastics: Jars, jugs, plastic beakers, funnels, bottles, syringes, test tubes and more.

Hardware: Bunsen burners, brushes, gauze, stands, tape, clamps and stirrer bars.

Safety: Bench protection, gloves, coats, eyewash stations and goggles.

PCR Reagents: Flexible solutions from our molecular biology range including DNA polymerases, buffers, enzymes and kits.