High-performance PCR amplification systems feature the latest technological advances, providing greater accuracy and reproducibility in nucleic acid amplification for genomic experiments.
  1. Digital PCR

    Digital PCR technology offers the ability to quantify genetic changes.

  2. PCR Plastic Consumables

    Thin-wall PCR tubes, PCR plates, seals and accessories for optimal fit and cycling performance.

  3. PCR Plate Sealer

    Semi-automated heat sealer removes human variability from plate sealing and minimizes sample evaporation.

  4. PCR and Realtime PCR Reagents

    PCR reagents and kits featuring advanced enzyme technology.

  5. Real Time PCR Analysis Software

    Real time PCR software supports multi-instrument control and collection and analysis of real-time PCR data.

  6. Real Time PCR Detection

    Real-time PCR detection systems. The range includes models with optical modules capable of up to 5-target sequence detection in a 96- or 384-well plate format.

  7. Thermal Cyclers

    Thermal cyclers with multiple modules and chassis provide options for low- to high-throughput capabilities.