Partnering with Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. and other leading brands, Lasec® specializes in the supply and support of instruments, software, consumables and reagents to meet the fundamental areas of biological and life science research. Our extensive portfolio and expertise allows for a workflow-based approach in support of common molecular analysis methods.

The Lasec® molecular biology range covers the fundamental areas of genomics, proteomics and cell biology:

Droplet Digital PCR: ddPCR is a breakthrough technology that provides ultrasensitive and absolute nucleic acid quantification. It is particularly useful for low-abundance targets, targets in complex backgrounds, allelic variants (SNPs), and for monitoring subtle changes in target levels that cannot be detected with real-time PCR.

Protein Analysis: Protein electrophoresis, western blotting, 2D electrophoresis, gel imaging systems and microplate readers. Lasec® provides complete solutions for all your antibody needs, from an extensive inventory of ready-made primary and secondary antibodies, controls, and reagents to custom projects including monoclonal generation.

Education: To address the critical need for inquiry-based activities to encourage practical training for students interested in careers in life science. The kits range from introductory to advanced topics, including areas of biotechnology applications covering transformation and microbiology, protein analysis and chromatography, DNA analysis and PCR amplification.

  1. Antibodies

    More than 10 000 antibodies, reagents, standards, controls and kits are available for research use. Specificity and performance are hallmarks of the antibody collection.

  2. Bio-Educational

    Bring project-based learning and research skills into the classroom with hands-on enquiry-based science education kits covering molecular biology workflows.

    1. Bio-Plex Immunoassay

      Instruments, software and assays to satisfy a variety of research needs and budgets for multiplex applications.

  3. Cell Biology

    Tools for cell analysis incorporating automated cell counting, fluorescent cell imaging, high-sensitivity cell sorting and flow cytometry, transfection tools and products to assist in determining cell health.

  4. Chromatography

    Chromatographic purification with a complete line of laboratory-scale, flexible and upgradeable chromatography instruments including low and medium-pressure liquid chromatography systems and an automated protein affinity purification system.

  5. Electrophoresis and Blotting

    A complete solution for electrophoresis and blotting needs, from sample preparation to imaging.

  6. Imaging Systems

    Imaging systems detect images and quantitate fluorescent, chemiluminescent, and colorimetric signals. Software provides automation for image acquisition with data analysis and validation.

  7. Microplate System

    Powerful, versatile colorimetric and turbidimetric analyses and report analysis for raw data, qualitative and quantitiative calculations based on absorbance limits, matrix of equations, normalization, and curve fit.

  8. Nucleic Acids and Proteins

    Nucleic acid and protein sample preparation and quantitation solutions.

  9. PCR Amplification

    High-performance PCR amplification systems feature the latest technological advances, providing greater accuracy and reproducibility in nucleic acid amplification for genomic experiments.