We offer equipment for various temperature-related applications including stress tests, climate simulation, incubating, drying, heating and chilling. From basic solutions to FDA-approved options with excellent uniformity, accuracy and data recording capabilities. Shop our vast inventory of Temperature Products online HERE or browse our categories below to add items to your enquiry list.

  1. Climate Chambers

    Climate chambers designed for plant growth and research, electronics testing and pharmaceutical applications.

  2. Coolers and Circulators

    Digital circulation chillers catering for a range of pressure and temperature requirements.

  3. Cryostorage Tanks

    Reliable cryo-storage and cryo-transport solutions.

  4. Dataloggers

    From simple single unit temperature recording to advanced laboratory-wide data monitoring and analyses solutions.

  5. Dry Block Heaters

    Digital and analogue block heating systems with inserts to accommodate a variety of tube sizes.

  6. Fridges and Freezers

    Refrigerators and freezers with various capacities for reliable sample storage at accurate temperatures.

  7. Furnaces

    Muffle, ashing and tube furnaces for laboratory and industry applications covering temperatures up to 3000 ℃.

  8. Heating Mantles

    Mantles ideal for heating of round bottom flasks.

  9. Incubators

    Standard, shaking, cooled and CO₂ incubators.

  10. Industrial Chillers

    Process circulation chillers for industrial applications with cooling outputs up to 265 kW and temperatures from -5 to 25°C.

  11. Ovens

    Heating and drying ovens suitable for heating, drying, tempering, testing, ageing, burn-in test, annealing and curing.

  12. Water and Oil Baths

    Waterbaths or oilbaths to suit applications in research and industry.