Sample preparation instrumentation to suit applications from sample separation to stirring, dispersion and agitation applications.
  1. Centrifuges

    Microlitre to high capacity applications. Available in refrigerated and non-refrigerated versions.

  2. Homogenisers and Mixers

    Homogeniser/Disperser tools and accessories for homogenous sample preparation.

  3. Hotplates and Stirrers

    Overhead, magnetic, and hotplate stirring options, for sample or media preparation.

  4. Sample Concentrators

    Enables simultaneous concentration of multiple samples in a block heater, utilising a simple gas delivery system.

  5. Shakers

    Includes orbital, linear, see-saw, end over end shakers and rockers for sample agitation.

  6. Sonicators

    Sonicator tools and accessories for agitation of particles in samples using sound energy.