Microbiology equipment is a broad category that encompasses a wide range of items used in microbiology labs. Lasec has a large inventory of reliable microbiology lab instruments to help you start or improve your new or existing microbiology lab. With being a quality microbiology equipment supplier in South Africa, you can increase your flexibility and accuracy with innovative products and specially designed systems to automate colony counting and inhibition zone measurement. Shop our vast inventory of Microbiology Products online HERE or browse our categories below to add items to your enquiry list.

  1. Anaerobic Workstations

    Anaerobic workstations providing excellent conditions for the processing, incubation and examination of samples without exposure to atmospheric oxygen. Capacities from 200 to over 1000 x 90mm Petri dishes, three sizes of airlock, single plate entry systems, anaerobic and catalyst monitoring systems. Patented oval and instant access ports and versions with a unique HEPA filtration system. Options of single gas (ANO2), dual gas (ANO2 and N2) and three gas (H2, CO2 and N2) systems.

  2. Jar Gassing System

    With the Whitley Jar Gassing System you can create perfect conditions for growing anaerobes in jars in just 2 minutes and for microaerophiles in 15 seconds. Reduces the cost of creating microaerobic conditions by 98% and for anaerobic conditions by 89% compared to using gas generating kits. Pair it up with the robust and stackable Whitley Incubation Box or by the adaptor kit to use the WJGS with your existing jars. (Adaptor kit enables connection to most types of jars).

  3. Automatic Spiral Plater

    The WASP Touch® is a precision laboratory instrument designed to deposit accurate volumes of liquid sample in an Archimedes spiral onto the surface of a rotating agar plate. Spiral plating is well documented and validated as an effective method for the enumeration of microorganisms.

  4. Colony Counters

    Specially designed systems to automate colony counting.