From evaporation techniques to chemical analyses, Lasec® has the perfect solution for chemistry-related applications. Shop our vast inventory of chemistry products online HERE or browse our categories below to add items to your enquiry list.

  1. Density Meters

    Density meters for accurate density and concentration measurements with Windows operated software and automatic filling systems.

  2. Freeze Dryers

    Freeze Dryers for gentle drying or preservation of thermally sensitive materials.

  3. Melting Point Apparatus

    Manual and fully automatic options for melting point determination of substances.

  4. Polarimeters

    A range of polarimeters measuring optical activity of samples at a variety of wavelengths.

  5. Refractometers

    Refractometers suitable for a variety of samples, including sugar, oil, juices, petroleum and pharmaceutical products.

  6. Rotary Evaporators

    Rotary evaporators to meet individual requirements.