Sample collection swabs and devices for collecting, preserving and transporting samples for further analysis in the laboratory. These include swabs, containers, as well as complete sample collection kits for biological and environmental samples.
  1. Capillary Tubes

    Glass or plastic, EDTA or heparinised coated and plain capillaries of various volumes.

  2. Sample Bottles

    Wide mouth, graduated, PE or PP sterile. Individually wrapped or non-sterile bulk packed options.

  3. Sample Collection Kits

    Biological sample collection kits packed in single use or multiple bundles.

  4. Specimen Containers

    Specimen collection containers: urine, faeces, coulter counter with screw caps generally made of polypropylene.

  5. Swabs

    For environmental, clinical, forensic and molecular applications. Variety of specialised tip and shaft combinations available.