The Lasec® preanalytics division consist of products for the collection and processing of blood, saliva, and urine. This range includes sample collection kits, blood collection tubes, needles, tourniquets and other accessories.
  1. Blood Collection Accessories

    Tube holders, tourniquets, luer adapters, sharps containers in various sizes available.

  2. Blood Collection Tubes

    Comprehensive range of evacuated blood collection tubes including Minicollects. CE marked and US FDA approved types available.

  3. Fixative Spray

    Preserves histological and cytological tissue samples in a life-like manner.

  4. Immersion Oil

    Improve fine resolution and brightness of the image through use of high quality and certified immersions oils.

  5. Lancets

    Single use safety lancets. Various gauges are available, dependant on the amount of blood required.

  6. Microscope Slides

    Bevelled, cut or ground edges available. Plain, single or twin frosted.

  7. Needles

    Sterile hypodermic or multiple use drawing needles in stock. All gauges available.

  8. Sample Collection Kits

    Biological sample collection kits packed in single use or multiple bundles.

  9. Syringes

    Syringes with or without needles, available from 2ml - 50ml volumes.