Complete range of microbiology consumables to suit your application. We supply ISO compliant dehydrated media, supplements and petrifilm manufactured by industry leaders. Affordable, high quality Petri dishes and loops are readily available for routine microbial culturing.
  1. Media

    Dehydrated culture media and supplements which are ISO compliant. An extensive range available with technical support on-call.

  2. Metal Loops

    Durable, PVC handle, aluminium holder nichrome wire loops.

  3. Petri Dishes

    Plastic or glass, 90mm and 65mm. Vented or non, sterile and non-sterile options. Easy stacking and segmented options available.

  4. Petrifilm

    Ready to use plates which are ISO compliant with AOAC & AFNOR certification. Compact format with a long shelf life.

  5. Plastic Loops

    Sterile or non-sterile, individually wrapped or bulk options.