General consumable equipment used during routine laboratory practices. This includes products used for cleaning, organising and dispensing. Brushes, Bunsen burners, spatulas and scoops, thermometers, timers, racks and tape.
  1. Baskets

    Autoclavable, stainless steel baskets.

  2. Brushes

    Nylon and fibre bottle brushes in a variety of sizes.

  3. Buckets

    Various sizes available.

  4. Bunsen Burners

    Single, gas flame for sterilisation, heating and combustion.

  5. Clamps, Clips And Tongs

    Retort and burette clamps. Stainless steel clips and metal tongs.

  6. Drying Racks

    Wooden, plastic and wall mounted or free standing options.

  7. Metal Jugs

    Stainless steel, graduated for measuring.

  8. Racks

    Vertical and horizontal cryo racks in stainless steel.

  9. Scissors And Forceps

    Stainless steel, precise, in a variety of lengths and shapes.

  10. Sieves

    Stainless steel in various diameters and pore sizes.

  11. Spatulas And Scoops

    Polypropylene or stainless steel, available in a range of sizes and shapes.

  12. Tape

    Measuring, autoclavable and time tape.

  13. Thermometers And Hygrometers

    Digital, wall, infra-red, spirit for all laboratory applications.

  14. Timers

    Count down timers in a range of time intervals.