A variety of glass bottles are included in our range of laboratory glassware consumables. Autoclavable media bottles are complete with screw caps and pouring rings. Dreschel, dropping, McCartney, reagent, specific gravity and weighing bottles in various types and sizes.
  1. Aspirator Bottles

    Glass ground joint stopcock, ground stopper and thermal shock resistant.

  2. Dreschel Bottles

    Gas wash bottle, interchangeable joints, standard or sintered head.

  3. Dropping Bottles

    Amber, clear, interchangeable ground joint, dropper and rubber teat.

  4. McCartney Bottles

    With screw caps, aluminium caps, rubber gasket, Bijou or universal wide neck.

  5. Media Bottles

    Class A Borosilicate 3:3 glass, graduated, GL45, PE screw cap in either amber or clear.

  6. Reagent Bottles

    Narrow mouth, wide mouth, amber or clear. Ground joint and glass stopper.

  7. Specific Gravity Bottles

    Cailibrated or non-calibrated. Ground joint thermometer, ground stopper with thermal shock resistance.

  8. Weighing Bottles

    Low or tall form, ground stopper in Class A Borosilicate 3:3 glass.