Popular, high usage items for all laboratory and field applications. Durable range of certified containers and vessels of all shapes and sizes. Bags, bottles, measuring cylinders and filter funnels.
  1. Bags

    Biohazard, autoclavable clear, red or yellow bags in various sizes.

  2. Bottles

    Water sampling, wash bottles, autoclavable, LDPE, HDPE, PP options. Screw caps, narrow or wide mouth and range from 50ml - 2l.

  3. Containers And Holders

    Containers with screw caps or lids, polypropylene or polystyrene.

  4. Filter Funnels

    Analytical, powder, polypropylene funnels available in various sizes.

  5. Measuring Cylinders

    Polypropylene or TPX measuring cylinders from 10ml - 2l.

  6. Racks

    Plastic racks for test tubes, centrifuge tubes, containers and cuvettes.