An all-inclusive glassware range for every day laboratory applications. Quality flasks, desiccators, funnels, beakers, condensers, burettes, adapters and extensions, mortars and weighing boats. Shop our vast inventory of general glassware products online HERE or browse our categories below to add items to your enquiry list.

  1. Adapters

    Expansion, reduction, receiver, still head and swan neck adapters.

  2. Beads

    Technical beads, soda lime, solid and chemical resistant.

  3. Beakers

    Class A borosilicate 3:3 glass. Low or tall form, spouted, graduated. Either standard or heavy-duty wall.

  4. Buchner Funnels

    Highly resistant glass or porcelain. Sintered or fritted disc.

  5. Capsules and Crucibles

    Porcelain, quartz or silica. Available with lid or without in low or tall form.

  6. Crystallising Dishes

    Spouted or unspouted. Cylindrical shape, flat bottomed and fused rim.

  7. Desiccators

    Glass or plastic knobbed lid. Vacuum lid, porcelain perforated plate and ground flat flange.

  8. Dropping Funnels

    Graduated, PE stopper, glass stopcock, PTFE needle valve stopcock or PTFE key stopcock available.

  9. Evaporating Basins

    Spouted, hemispherical shape, flat bottomed, fused rim, glass or porcelain.

  10. Filter Funnels

    A variety of sizes, both short and long stem. Plain surfaces or angled-ground stem.

  11. Hydrometers

    Specific gravity, baume scale, wine and beer hydrometers. Specified density ranges.

  12. Mortar and Pestle

    Class A Boroscilicate 3:3 glass mortar and pestles. Also available in porcelain completely glazed or outside glazed only.

  13. Separating Funnels

    PE stopper, glass stopcock, PTFE needle valve stopcock, PTFE key stopcock. Pear or cylindrical shaped.

  14. Test Tubes

    Soda-lime or class A borosilicate 3:3 glass. Round bottomed, graduated or ungraduated and with or without rim.

  15. Tubing And Connectors

    A variety of Quickfit connectors and tubing options for various applications available.

  16. Vials And Ampoules

    Pill and vaccine vials available in clear or amber with various stopper options. Ampoules with colour breaks.

  17. Watch Glasses

    Soda-lime, hydrolytic with fire-polished edges.