We supply filter solutions for analytical chemistry and microbiology testing in pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries and environmental monitoring. Filter papers, membranes, syringe filters and a wide range of manual or automated filtrations systems. Shop our vast inventory of filtration products online HERE or browse our categories below to add items to your enquiry list.

  1. Assay Discs

    Thick, absorbent antibiotic assay discs in 6, 9 and 12.7mm.

  2. Chromatography

    Chromatography sheets or rolls, thick or thin options available for chemical or educational chromatography experiments.

  3. Disposable Filtration unit

    A complete disposable filtration kit including funnels, membranes and receiver flasks. Used for high volume sample filtration.

  4. Filter Membranes

    Filter membranes available sterile or non-sterile, gridded or non-gridded. Pore sizes of 0.2µm or 0.45µm in various diameters.

  5. Filter Paper

    Quantitative or qualitative analysis. Hardened, ashless, circles or folded papers in various pore sizes and diameters.

  6. Germination Paper

    Grades of non-toxic coloured germination papers which meet ISTA and AOSA standards. Sheets, circles and pleated rolls available.

  7. Glass Fibres

    100% pure borosilicate glass fibres with or without binders. Various diameters with fine particle retention of 0.7µm – 3.1µm.

  8. Indication Paper

    Indicator strips, papers or rolls. Universal pH colour indicators and test papers.

  9. Lens Tissue

    Non-fibrous, lint-free, non-abrasive cleaning tissue for various optical lenses, mirrors etc.

  10. Syringe Filters

    Syringe filters available sterile or non-sterile, individually wrapped or bulk in CA, PVDF, NY, PES, PTFE.

  11. Thimbles

    High purity extraction thimbles made of cellulose, glass fibres or quartz.

  12. Weighing Paper

    Smooth surface, moist-resistant weighing paper.