A comprehensive range of RNase and DNase free products such as PCR tubes, PCR plates, immunology plates, Petri dishes, centrifuge tubes and tissue culture consumables. Filter and non-filter tips are available in bulk or racked from world-leading manufacturers. Shop our vast inventory of bioscience plastic products online HERE or browse our categories below to add items to your enquiry list.

  1. Centrifuge Tubes

    Conical, round bottom, free-standing, sterile, graduated, screw cap tubes. Available in bulk, racked and individually wrapped.

  2. Culture Tubes

    Improved cell adhesion through physical surface treatment, clear, sterile, polystyrene. DNase and RNase free.

  3. Filter and Non Filter Tips

    High quality, certified, polypropylene. Grade A options are RNase, DNase and endotoxin free. Bulk, racked and sterile.

  4. Micro Plates

    High throughput screening, black or white options, ANSI standard, DNase and RNase free. Printed lot number for traceability.

  5. PCR Plates

    Skirted or non-skirted, 48, 96 and 384 welled plates. Free of detectable DNase, RNase, DNA, PCR inhibitors, and pyrogen-free.

  6. PCR Racks

    Compatible for commonly used tube sizes, stackable in an assortment of colours. Available with or without lids.

  7. PCR Tubes

    Individual or strips of tubes, with hinged caps or without. Free of detectable RNase DNase, DNA, PCR inhibitors and pyrogen-free.

  8. Sealing Film

    Create an evaporation-resistant seal. Sealing film is colourless and moisture-proof. Multiple sealing options.

  9. Serological Pipettes

    Graduated, sterile, bulk or individually wrapped. Highest quality, optical-grade polystyrene options.

  10. Tissue Culture Flasks

    Improved cell adhesion, filter capped options in stock. DNase and RNase free. Printed lot number for traceability.

  11. Tissue Culture Plates

    Improved cell adhesion, reduced risk of cross-contamination, DNase and RNase free. Printed lot number for traceability.