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  1. Plain research. No compromises. The new Hei-VAP Core Rotary Evaporator

    Discover the new Hei-VAP Core Rotary Evaporator.  A new generation of rotary evaporators – simple to operate and highly robust to immensely simplify your daily research.

    Hei-VAP Core key features
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  2. Why is hydrofluoric acid so dangerous?

    A palm-sized chemical burn by 40 percent hydrofluoric acid is usually fatal by resorptive toxicity… how can you mitigate this risk?

    Understand the dangers associated with Hydrofluoric acid and limit user access to properly trained personnel:  

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  3. Can you trust your biosafety cabinet service engineer?

    How confident are you that your biosafety cabinet is working correctly to protect you from potentially harmful pathogens?  Peace of mind is possible if you are confident the biosafety cabinet field certifier you use to validate your cabinets is on top of their game.
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  4. Does your facility need new laboratory furniture?

    Lasec® laboratory furniture manufacturers have designed, manufactured and installed full laboratory furniture solutions for industry labs, top universities and schools.

    We have the right laboratory furniture to meet your needs – as shown in these highlighted projects:

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  5. 5 ways Lasec® can help keep you safe when working with hazardous chemicals

    Fire safety, prevention of explosions and protection against toxic vapours should be top-of-mind for anyone working with chemicals or hazardous materials in the workplace.
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  6. Integration of weighing devices with SAP

    Automate production processes by simply linking Radwag's E2R Software with existing SAP based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Planning Systems.
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  7. Greiner Bio-One CELLSTAR®

    Tissue culture applications using Greiner Bio-One CELLSTAR® products
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  8. Lasec at Edutech 2018

    Edutech Africa 2018 was an exciting 2 day event looking into the future of education technology.
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  9. Lasec® Solutions For Sample Preparation

    Everyday laboratory tasks made easy with Lasec®
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  10. Heidolph partners with Lasec®

    Lasec® is pleased to announce that we have added Heidolph rotary evaporators, mixers, hotplate stirrers and overhead stirrers to our product portfolio.   
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