Discover the new Hei-VAP Core Rotary Evaporator.  A new generation of rotary evaporators – simple to operate and highly robust to immensely simplify your daily research.

Hei-VAP Core key features

What does plain research with no compromises look like in a rotary evaporator?

  • Monitor progress at a glance
    • The intuitive LED ring light system displays active features, with two separate control knobs for adjusting the rotation speed and heating temperature at any time.

  • Superior Protection for demanding applications
    • Control panel is impressive thanks to chemical and thermal stability with splash water protection in accordance with IP42.

  • Safety is paramount
    • Optional protection hood made from robust, highly transparent polycarbonate, closes horizontally protecting users from glass shards and spraying liquid in the unlikely event of implosion.

  • The right configuration for your application
    • Hand or motor lift, diagonal condenser, vertical condenser or cooling with dry ice, coated or uncoated glassware – these are just a few of the configurations available to you for a rotary evaporator to suit your individual research needs.

  • Focussed on the essentials
    • Deliberately foregoing complex menus and automatic programming. The Hei-VAP Core focuses on simple operation, direct access to parameters and visual activity displays.
    • Corrosion-free, sealed, die-cast housing with condensate-repellant varnish and maintenance-free motor guarantee continuous operation and a long lifespan.
    • High seal tightness of the vacuum system, using highly resistant PTFE vacuum seals, allow you to achieve shorter process times and save on energy costs.

As a researcher, you place the highest demands on yourself, your work and your results. It’s our mission to deliver equipment that is equally uncompromising.

What is the most important criteria you consider when choosing a rotary evaporator? Mail us to share!