It’s media mayhem this month, where we at Lasec are promoting everything media-related. While media takes the spotlight, do not miss out on what we have to offer in the laboratory equipment and consumables range.

From media preparation to disposal, Lasec boasts an impressive consumables range. Have a look at our check-list of laboratory staples.

1. Weighing boats

The most frustrating aspect about media preparation is arguably working with a cracked weighing boat, and so it is only right to include these at the forefront of the list. Our disposable weighing boats are made from polypropylene that can withstand temperatures up to 70°C. The range consists of square shaped, 7 ml or 100 ml, and diamond shaped, 5 ml, 30 ml or 100 ml weighing boats.

2. Graduated beakers and cylinders

This laboratory cliché, notorious for appearing in nearly all laboratory photo shoots, is a must-have in the lab. Our clear, polypropylene beakers and cylinders are Italian imports with blue graduated markings. For a more durable plastic, better suited to repeated autoclaving, we supply clear, polymethylpentene beakers with red graduated markings for differentiation. If you are looking for volumetric glassware, we stock a variety of Erlenmeyer flasks, filtration funnels and measuring cylinders from the glass experts at Glassco. Speak to us to find out what suits your lab.

3. Glass media and reagent bottles

Our Simax media bottles are made of borosilicate glass 3.3, offering excellent chemical resistance and thermal stability.The blue GL 45 screw cap and pouring ring are heat resistant up to 140°C. We offer a range of sizes in both clear and amber.

4. Media filter sterilisation

For a fast, low volume sterilisation technique, syringe filters are the preferred option. Lasec recommends 0.2 μm syringe filters with either cellulose acetate or polyethersulfone membranes to effectively remove bacterial cells from the solution. With high flow rates and low protein binding, these syringe filters are suitable for sterile filtration of all culture media applications. For volumes between 100 ml and 1000 ml, take a look at our disposable table-top vacuum filtration units with a 0.2 μm PES filter membrane.

5. Biohazard bags

Our steam autoclavable waste disposal bags come in red and clear, with Biohazard printing on the front. These bags are only suitable for steam autoclaving and can withstand temperatures up to 121°C.

6. Autoclave tape

Last, but not least, to top off our list of media-related necessities, we offer various sizes of lead-free steam sterilisation indicator tape.

Are you prepared for media prep?

Lasec boasts a wide range of other plastic and glass consumable products to meet your needs. You’ll be sure to check everything off your lists!

Speak to our experts to find out about our competitive pricing and get all your laboratory consumables in one convenient place.

- Giselle Diemer, Product Manager - Consumables