Climate is our world… creating the best climate control solutions to guarantee the success of your research!

Global climate conditions are rapidly changing, creating the need for more controlled environmental climate simulation solutions in biotechnology, plant growth and pharmaceutical testing.  Using expertise from Lasec® in partnership with Aralab, researchers can simulate extreme temperatures, humidity and/or light conditions accurately.

Through the design and building of environmental climate chambers of various sizes, including walk-in chambers, Lasec® and Aralab hope to help Africa prepare for the future. 

What is involved in a project of this nature?

1. Technical Consultation

Our team of experts consult in fine detail with project managers, scientists and technical staff of the facility on the climate chamber application, test profiles and specifications required. After thoroughly determining the correct configuration, a site evaluation is performed to assess the area where the installation is destined to take place.


2.  Customised Design

Using information gleaned from the technical consultation process, the manufacturer’s designers custom design a chamber fit for purpose and to suit the space allocated.


3.  Technical Drawings

Technical drawings are communicated to the project manager and further recommendations are incorporated into the design and specifications prior to issuing a quotation.  The quotation then includes all aspects of project completion, including charges for installation and qualification of the chamber specifications once assembly has been completed.


4.  Manufacture and Factory Acceptance Test

Once the scope of the project is finalised, the quotation has been accepted and all conditions have been met, an order is placed with the manufacturer. After production the chamber is fully assembled at the manufacturing site, where it undergoes a factory acceptance test (FAT), undertaken in collaboration with the client or a client-nominated validation officer. 

5.  Logistics and Shipment

Following completion of the factory acceptance test, the chamber is disassembled and shipped in a container to the destination, fully facilitated by Lasec® and our experienced logistics team.

6.  Installation, Testing and Qualification

Lasec® has invested in a team of service engineers trained directly by the manufacturer at the factory, to fully accomplish assembly and installation of the chamber onsite, from start to finish.  Installation is followed by completion of IQ (Installation Qualification), OQ (Operational Qualification), PQ (Performance Qualification) protocols in collaboration with client validation departments and personnel.


7.  Service Level Agreements and Preventative Maintenance Plans

Worry-free use of these important pieces of equipment is ensured with a service level agreement covering regular preventative maintenance by our qualified service engineers. In addition to immediate remote access capabilities of our service engineers, our service level agreements include recommendations and provisions for back-up essential operating parts as well as stockholding of spares.

The future of safe pharmaceuticals, food security and industrial component testing relies on researchers being able to accurately simulate extreme climate conditions.  Create your own safely controlled environmental conditions with Aralab climate chambers and Lasec engineering expertise.

Visit Aralab at the Lasec® pavilion at analytica Lab Africa and we will show you the perfect climate!

- Vincent Lotter, Application Specialist - Instruments