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  1. How can you bring your life science lab experiments to life?

    Students learn best when they are engaged and learning in an interactive setting.  ADInstruments is partnering with Lasec® to introduce you to new software that can do this for your life science students.
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  2. The magic of tri-colour colony counting

    Arguably, there cannot be a more tedious task for a microbiologist than counting colonies. The New Protocol 3 HD from Synbiosis, with the introduction of a new high-definition camera and a user-friendly interface, automates colony counting with colour as if by magic.
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  3. Climate is our world… creating perfect climate control

    Climate is our world… creating the best climate control solutions to guarantee the success of your research!
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  4. Change the way you Western Blot - Visualize, Verify, Validate

    Don’t waste your precious time any longer - revolutionise your protein research now with the Bio-Rad V3 Western Workflow.  Bio-Rad’s V3 Workflow is a complete Western Blot workflow which saves you time, increases your accuracy and enables you to easily identify pain points.
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  5. Culture media preparation: Top 6 check-list

    It’s media mayhem this month, where we at Lasec are promoting everything media-related. While media takes the spotlight, do not miss out on what we have to offer in the laboratory equipment and consumables range.
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  6. Digital Microscopy – Because seeing is believing

    Digital microscopy has opened up a world of shared discovery, instantaneous documenting of images captured in high resolution, as well as a means of eliminating eye fatigue or strain.
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  7. Will your beer age beautifully?

    Ensuring that neither the appearance, nor the taste of beer changes before its best-before date is one of the greatest challenges that brewers face. Experts examine how beer ages on the bases of three factors: microbiological, physicochemical, and flavour stability. The physical and chemical stability is defined by the speed and intensity of hazing.
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  8. Why Bio-Rad’s Automated Cell Analyzer is one of SLAS 2019’s Top Technologies

    When Bio-Rad set out to design their next cell analyser, they asked their users what would make their work easier. Their responses directly resulted in the ZE5 Cell Analyzer.
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  9. The freeze dryer for your challenging solvents

    It is well known that freeze drying is not only used for water-based (aqueous) samples. Typical applications also include HPLC fractions with organic and inorganic solvents, such as acetonitrile, TFA and other alcohols or products containing t-butanol or DMSO.
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