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Laboratory Safety

  1. Would you be safe if there was a fire in your workplace?

    Are you storing your flammable liquids in accordance with the South African National Standard 54470-1 for fire safety cabinets? Hazardous situations or accidents can easily occur in the workplace due to various factors. The South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) recently published the SANS 54470-1:2017 for fire safety cabinets which aims to educate users about the safe storage of flammable liquids.
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  2. Is your laboratory workbench protected?

    Working in a lab or workshop can be messy. Spills and contamination happen more often than you think. Ever tried to grab a flask of liquid and accidentally knocked it over instead? Perhaps you were making up your latest media solution and dropped the powder mix onto your workbench! Avoid the costly and unsafe practice of working without lab bench protectors.
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  3. Can you trust your biosafety cabinet service engineer?

    How confident are you that your biosafety cabinet is working correctly to protect you from potentially harmful pathogens?  Peace of mind is possible if you are confident the biosafety cabinet field certifier you use to validate your cabinets is on top of their game.
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  4. Biological Safety Cabinets That Meet Safety Standards

    Meet safety standards with Lasec's biological safety cabinets
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