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  1. Is your wastewater harming the environment?

    With wastewater being one of the leading and most impactful causes of water pollution, it is essential that it is properly treated before being pumped back into our water sources.
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  2. Your lab deserves Borosilicate glass 3.3 glassware

    Not all glass is created equal, and borosilicate glass is a step above the rest when it comes to laboratory glassware.  Borosilicate refers to a group of hard glass compounds which has silica and boron trioxide as its main glass-forming components. Generally, three types of laboratory glassware are used but for several reasons’ borosilicate glass is preferred for laboratory applications.
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  3. Petrified of Petrifilm™? This is how it can help you…

    Many labs across Africa were initially quite reluctant to try our 3M™ Petrifilm™  range when we started offering it 5 years ago. Now that there’s been a global shift towards Petrifilm™ in the food safety sphere, more and more of our customers have been asking to learn more. 
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  4. Why should you be using Copan’s FLOQswabs® for your sample collection?

    Better diagnostics begin with better samples. And getting better samples means using proper sample collection methods. Improve your collection methods by choosing the patented innovation that has revolutionised collection and transfer of biological samples, the Copan FLOQswabs®.
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  5. Is your laboratory workbench protected?

    Working in a lab or workshop can be messy. Spills and contamination happen more often than you think. Ever tried to grab a flask of liquid and accidentally knocked it over instead? Perhaps you were making up your latest media solution and dropped the powder mix onto your workbench! Avoid the costly and unsafe practice of working without lab bench protectors.
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  6. Save your product with these 3 essential packaging tests for PET bottles

    Poor quality packaging can seriously compromise the quality of the product inside. If Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic bottles are your packaging of choice, there are several reliable test methods available for proper packaging QC.
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  7. A shimmer of light detected for fluorescence analysis – the new CLARIOSTAR Plus microplate reader

    The new CLARIOstar Plus high-performance multi-mode reader wowed attendees of the 2019 Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening conference (SLAS 2019) with SelectScience editors recognising it as one of the top most exciting technologies on the exhibition floor.

    What is it about the new CLARIOstar Plus microplate reader that has the scientific world calling it “game-changing technology”?
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  8. 6 reasons you should be using Samplix® blood sample collection tubes

    Why should you be using our Greiner branded blood collection tubes?
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