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  1. Climate is our world… creating perfect climate control

    Climate is our world… creating the best climate control solutions to guarantee the success of your research!
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  2. Change the way you Western Blot - Visualize, Verify, Validate

    Don’t waste your precious time any longer - revolutionise your protein research now with the Bio-Rad V3 Western Workflow.  Bio-Rad’s V3 Workflow is a complete Western Blot workflow which saves you time, increases your accuracy and enables you to easily identify pain points.
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  3. Is your wastewater harming the environment?

    With wastewater being one of the leading and most impactful causes of water pollution, it is essential that it is properly treated before being pumped back into our water sources.
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  4. Your lab deserves Borosilicate glass 3.3 glassware

    Not all glass is created equal, and borosilicate glass is a step above the rest when it comes to laboratory glassware.  Borosilicate refers to a group of hard glass compounds which has silica and boron trioxide as its main glass-forming components. Generally, three types of laboratory glassware are used but for several reasons’ borosilicate glass is preferred for laboratory applications.
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  5. Culture media preparation: Top 6 check-list

    It’s media mayhem this month, where we at Lasec are promoting everything media-related. While media takes the spotlight, do not miss out on what we have to offer in the laboratory equipment and consumables range.
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  6. Digital Microscopy – Because seeing is believing

    Digital microscopy has opened up a world of shared discovery, instantaneous documenting of images captured in high resolution, as well as a means of eliminating eye fatigue or strain.
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